The Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Divorce Cases

10. Blogging

People going through divorce have been known to write online about subjects related to their spouse, children, girlfriend / boyfriend, lawyer, the judge or the divorce. Often such writings are available for the whole world - including the lawyer on the other side of their case - to see. Instead of taking their Myspace or other social networking pages down, they increase their activity on them.

Enough said.

9. Failure to Change Will and Revoke Powers of Attorney

When you were married, you may have executed a will that identified your spouse and named him or her as executor of your estate. You may have left all of your property to him or her. You may have also executed a power of attorney, giving your spouse the legal authority to act on your behalf in conducting some or all of your affairs.

A divorce decree does not "undo" these important legal documents. All too often, people neglect to execute new wills and revoke powers of attorney that favor their former spouses. Be sure to ask your lawyer about this important task.

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