Divorce and Family Violence Allegations:

Special Issues for Men

I believe that most allegations of family violence are legitimate. However, false accusations occur on a regular basis. When this happens, men need to be aware of the issue. Even if the husband has not been violent toward his wife, mere allegations of family violence can devastate a man's divorce case and ravage his bank account.

The authorities in El Paso, Texas will generally do very little to screen allegations of family violence. Instead, they usually accept them as true. The results for men who are falsely accused can be horrible.

Texas family law is set up, as it should be, to protect victims of family violence. Unfortunately, when a woman is willing to lie about or exaggerate claims of domestic abuse, she can gain an enormous and unfair advantage in a divorce proceeding. When this occurs, the woman is often seeking a larger division of marital property, higher child support payments or more time with the children. The motive for such false accusations can be purely economic or borne out of revenge, spite or hatred.

Men need to understand the mechanisms that can be used against them. They include:

  • Protective Orders; and
  • Criminal Accusations

Protective orders are discussed on the next page.

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