Cell Phone Text Messages and Divorce in El Paso

How Private are Your Text Messages?

In several of the divorce cases I have handled in El Paso, cell phone text messages have played a significant role in providing evidence of fault in the breakup of the marriage.

In each of these cases, the only method I have used to preserve text messages was to pull the message up on the client's phone and copy the phone while the message was displayed.

The general connsensus is that phone companies to not maintain text messages on their computers.

This may or may not be the case. Or this may change in the future. If you want to preserve text messages, your best (and possibly only) option is to copy the cell phone while the text message is displayed. Getting the text to appear can sometimes be difficult. I find that the easiest method is to use a photocopy machine that enlarges the image by 100%.

I have also had success using a digital camera to capture images of text messages.

Because the process of capturing the image can be cumbersome, I will usually ask my divorce clients to do the legwork. If you can, make sure your phone is set to display the date, time and sender of the text message.

The issue of incriminating text messages was in the news as of the time I wrote this article. Click here for the story.

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